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Welcome to, as online specialists in fixed and portable electric heating solutions as well as diesel, paraffin and propane fuelled portable space heaters, we provide heating solutions for domestic, leisure, commercial and industrial premises.

Which Heater is Right for your Needs?

Energy efficiency and cost efficiency are more important than ever for both domestic and commercial heating. Faced with a plethora of choices and technologies our customers value our independent advice to find the perfect heating solution to meet their requirements. At heatersUk our expert team use their extensive product knowledge to ensure that your heaters have the optimum combination of performance and reliability for your needs at the right price.

The Largest Range of Heaters Online

We supply the largest range of electric heating products available in the UK consisting of domestic heaters, storage heaters, convector panel heaters, radiant heaters, patio heaters, fan heaters, space heaters, warehouse heaters, hot air curtains, marquee and conservatory heaters.

Trusted Partner of the Leading Heaters Brands

Choosing from our range of heating products you’ll find are authorised resellers of all market leading brands including: Arcotherm, Broughton, Clarke Power Products, Consort Claudgen, Creda, Delonghi, Dimplex, Kroll, Sealey, Sunhouse, Tansun and Veito

Ambient Air  Conservatory Heaters Consort Claudgen Over Door Heaters and Air Curtains Creda Storage Heaters Delonghi Portable Electric Heaters Dimplex Energy Efficient Electric Heating
Igenix Convector Panel Heaters Prem-I-Air Convector Heaters Sunhouse heaters Tansun Outdoor Heaters Veito Carbon Ribbon Infrared Heaters
Arcotherm Space Heaters Broughton Warehouse Heaters Clarke Commercial Heaters Consort Claudgen Over Door Heaters and Air Curtains Dimplex Energy Efficient Electric Heating
Kroll High Efficiency Industrial Heaters Provic Portable Dehumidifiers Rapid Portable Commercial Heaters Rhino Radiant Heaters Sealey Propane Heaters and Commercial Radiant Heaters
Best Sellers
Ambientair 1.8kw thermostatic convector panel heater
Wall mounted or free standing conservatory panel heater...
Consort Claudgen HE7402 3kw Single Phase Screen Zone Air Curtain for Single Doors
Consort Claudgen HE7402 3kw single phase Screen Zone air...
Broughton Blue Giant FF3 110V 3kw portable industrial fan heater
Thermostatically controlled 110 volt commercial heater for...
Clarke Devil 371P Big Rad 3Kw 110v Quartz Halogen Infra-red Heater
Radiant spot heater for warehouses, garages and workshops.
Rhino TQ3 2.8kw 240v 13a quartz halogen infra red portable commercial heater
Rhino TQ3 2.8kw 240v 13a quartz halogen infra red portable...
Kroll E2 2kw 110V 16amp portable fan heater
Thermostatically controlled and can heat a room up to 60...
Kroll E3 3kw portable commercial fan heater
Thermostatically controlled and can heat a room up to 80...
Veito CH1800RE Low Input 8000btu carbon ribbon infrared heater
Silent operation and instant directional heat makes the...
Dimplex PLX3000TI 3.0kw Thermostatically Controlled Convector Panel Heater-24hr Timer
Dimplex PLX3000TI 3.0kw IPX4 rated thermostatically controlled...
Veito CH1800RE Low Input 8000Btu Free Standing Carbon Infrared Heater for SATURDAY DELIVERY
Veito CH1800RE low input 8000Btu free standing carbon infrared...
Veito Blade 9000Btu 2kw Output IP55 Rated Wall Mounted Carbon Infrared Heater
Veito Blade 9000Btu IP55 rated 2kw output high efficiency...
Sunhouse SSH12A 1.7kw Auto Sensor Storage Heater
Automatic storage heater for rooms up to 15 square meters.
Veito Blade 2kw IP55 wall mounted carbon infrared heater
9000btu output high efficiency heater with remote control...
Broughton Blue Giant FF29 29kw 400v 3 Phase portable industrial fan heater with Thermostat-2yr warranty
Broughton Blue Giant FF29 400v 3 Phase 29Kw portable industrial...
Arcotherm EC22 22kw Indirect Diesel Space Heater
Arcotherm EC22 22kw 65,000btu Indirect Diesel Space Heater.
Arcotherm EC32 28kw Indirect Diesel Space Heater
95,000btu thermostatically controlled for marquees up to...

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