Veito CH2500TW 12000Btu 2.5kw Wall Mounted Carbon Infrared Heater for

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Veito CH2500TW 12000Btu 2.5kw Wall Mounted Carbon Infrared Heater for

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Veito CH2500TW 12000Btu 2.5kw wall mounted carbon infrared heater. For indoor use only.

Veito CH2500TW (IPX4) - Wall Mounted Heater

Veito CH2500TW model is the small compact heater, suitable for spot heating or smaller rooms with a choice of 2 different energy heat settings (1250W) and (2500W). For indoor use only.


The CH2500TW has a control panel which is a rotary switch. This switch sets the heat levels of CH2500TW, when the user turns the switch to the right. When the switch is turned back into starting position, then the heater will be shut down.


Infrared Explained

Infrared heating is a natural form of heat. It is the same experience that we feel from the heat of the sun even though it is 92 million miles away across the cold depths of space. But, unlike the Sun it does not contain any damaging ultraviolet Rays.


Unlike conventional heat, infrared heat does not require a medium such as air or water to "carry" the heat energy to the object being warmed.

How does Infrared Heating work?

Infrared waves produce heat by vibrating molecules of the surface they strike. This vibration creates heat and a sensation of warmth which is entirely independent of the temperature of the surrounding air. It is an entirely natural sensation of heat, like feeling warm rays of the sun on a cool morning.


It is efficient, both because the creation of the waves is energy-efficient, and because energy is not lost through a medium between you and the heat source (i.e. air). The warmth is felt directly on your skin and on the objects closest to you.

Energy Efficient Heating

Veito infrared heaters provide many benefits for a more green and energy efficient world. 100% of the energy used by your Veito heater is turned into heat. Unlike conventional heaters that waste energy trying to heat the air before heating the room.


Veito heaters allow you to heat zones and individuals instead of an entire space. By using zone heating this allows you to only heat the area you want which helps you save money on your heating bills.


Veito heaters heat you directly and quickly. It takes less than 10 seconds for your Veito heater to start keeping you warm!. Instead of heating the air like conventional heating systems, your Veito heater heats you and the things nearest you. Veito Carbon heaters are made of carbon fiber and give out an even heat distribution, thereby eliminating hot and cold spots that are typically experienced with other heaters.



Heating capacity 12000 BTU/h
Maximum power 2500 W
Space of use 30 m2
Power supply AC 230V 50/60Hz
Sizes (WxLxH) 80mm x 940mm x 170mm
Product weight 2.5 kg
Safety device Tip over protection
Controlling method Rotary power selector
Controlling function Two power settings

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Veito CH2500TW 12000Btu 2.5kw Wall Mounted Carbon Infrared Heater for