Guide to Conservatory Heaters

HeatersUK Guide to Conservatory Heaters

Selecting a heater suitable for your conservatory is a big choice, your conservatory is an extension of your home and shouldn't be the coldest part of the house. Here we've provided you with a brief guide to selecting the best conservatory heater for your needs.

Conservatory heaters fall into one of two categories. They are either standard heaters (portable and panel, convection and radiant) or conservatory specific heaters which are designed to be mounted on the dwarf wall.
A conservatory heater is a valuable addition to any conservatory as the glazed area makes the room highly susceptible to temperature changes. We would recommend a radiant heater which is more efficient for a conservatory as the convection currents do not circulate the warm air as in a normal room.

Our selection of conservatory radiant heaters are designed to fit neatly on most low level or dwarf walls and are thermostatically controlled. As conservatories tend to be the coldest part of any home extension, conservatory heaters are incorporated with frost protection as standard.

Our best selling range of conservatory heaters includes both fixed heaterssuitable for mounting on dwarf walls or free standing portable heaters.

We've hand picked a selection of our most popular conservatory heaters:

1. Ambientair 2kw thermostatic convector panel heater at £145 incl. VAT & del.

2. Dimplex WFE3TNS 3kw thermostatic fan heater @ £249 incl. VAT & del.

Dimplex PLX3000tTI 3kw thermostatic convector panel heater @ £179 incl. VAT & del.

4. Consort Claudgen Chelsea WMH3 3kw fan heater @ £189 incl. VAT & del.

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