Devi Mat 150 Series DTIF150 Underfloor Heating for concrete based floors

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Devi Mat 150 Series DTIF150 Underfloor Heating for concrete based floors

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Devi Mat 150 Series DTIF150 underfloor heating for concrete based floors.


Devi Mat 150 Series DTIF150 underfloor heating for timber based floors

- Luxury of warm tiled floor
- Even heat across floor
- Simple to install
- No significant increase in floor height
- Dry floor removes possibility of mould growth
- Ultra thin mat, just 3.5mm deep

Devimat is a thin electrically heated mat specifically designed for installation within the adhesive layer of under floor tiles or other floor covering. The product is ideal for use in areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and conservatories in both new build and renovation situations. The system provides a cost effective method of providing warmed floors as opposed to full space heating and is easy to size and install.

The mat is prefabricated for easy installation and comprises a self adhesive open mesh onto which a thin heating cable is attached. The mat is laid onto the floor and is then covered by a flexible tile adhesive which is used to fix the tiles to the floor. Mats are available in a range of sizes from 1-12 m2, each mat is approximately 0.5m wide.

For example, a 5m2 mat is 10m long. To size, simply measure the area to be covered to determine the required area and choose from either the timber floor or concrete floor range. When installing, cut the mesh to turn the mat, taking care not to cut the heating cable, until the floor area is covered.

The mat utilises a twin-core heating cable with solid aluminium sleeve for added safety. Total thickness of mat and cable is just 3.5mm. Termination of the mat to the thermostat is achieved using a single 2-core cable moulded onto the mat during manufacture.

Control is by an intelligent programmable thermostat, type Devireg 550, which is used to control floor temperature. The 550 is a flush mounting thermostat which mounts into a standard 47mm deep single socket box. It comes complete with a floor sensor on a 2.5m cable. The thermostat can control up to 3600 Watts.

Alternatively, the Devireg® 130 is a basic thermostat which also uses a floor sensor to monitor the floor temperature, the difference being that this has no timer facility. The single dial on the 130 is used to control the temperature of the floor and also switches the system off.

A Deviguard cable monitor is available and can be connected to the heating mat during tile installation. The monitor measures circuit resistance raising an alarm if the heating cable is cut or damaged.

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Devi Mat 150 Series DTIF150 Underfloor Heating for concrete based floors