BROLIN BR3F SUPER HEAT 3kw portable 110V 32 amp industrial fan heater

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BROLIN BR3F SUPER HEAT 3kw portable 110V 32 amp industrial fan heater

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Heavy Duty UK manufactured 110V 32 amp portable commercial fan heater heats rooms up to 80 cubic meters in size is thermostatically controlled and has a two year warranty.


Brolin BR3F SUPER HEAT Heavy Duty 3kw heat output 110v 32 amp single phase portable commercial fan heater with thermostat and two year warranty.

High quality UK manufactured 32a supply portable commercial heater that can be ducted. Well built tough steel construction, energy efficient, reliable and cost effective heaters from one of the market leaders. The BR3F 110V can heat rooms up to 60 cubic meters of space and is ideal for garages, workshops, small industrial units, storage areas and site applications. Optional single outlet spigot available for ducting up to five meters.

These heaters have been supplied into commercial and military applications around the World. They are supplied with a two year warranty and are a heavy duty design. They are tough steel construction with oven hardened finish and are built for industry. They are low maintenance and simple to use: plug them in, switch them on and leave them. They have double skin insulation where needed for safety and further safety features include over heat and phase protection plus heat purge fail safe system. Brolin heaters are fully serviceable and have complete spare parts availability.  


Points to consider When Purchasing this heater


Is the area I am trying to heat no greater than 60 cubic meters?


The Blue Giant series are black element heaters which mean that they increase the temperature of the air gradually. For this to be effective the heater needs to recirculate the heated air. If the area is too large the heater will not be able to cecirculate the air before it has cooled down preventing the heater from having much impact. 


Do I need to duct to direct the airflow? (spigot and duct are optional extras on the listing)


- Have I got a 110v plug socket or do I need the 230v version for a standard plug socket?




  • Heavy duty design and construction: built for industry
  • 3kw nominal heat output
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Compact dimensions H x W x D (mms): 360 x 300 x 330
  • Light weight: 10kg
  • Overheat protection: thermal cut out at 86 degrees centigrade
  • Max Airflow Rate: 423 cubic meters/hr 
  • Pressure: 80 pascals
  • Fan type: Radial
  • Heat capacity BTUs: 15,354
  • Temperature increase (Delta T): 40 degrees celcius
  • Supply: 110v; 50Hz
  • Plug size: 32A
  • Sound at three meter range: 45 dB(A)
  • Spigot: 200mm
  • Mobility: portable
  • Max Duct 5m 
  • Maximum volume of heated space: 80 cubic metres
  • Sheathed element in incoloy
  • High impedance cut on the fan to ensure the fan doesn't overload
  • Thermostat

Price includes VAT, UK mainland delivery and full two year warranty.

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BROLIN BR3F SUPER HEAT 3kw portable 110V 32 amp industrial fan heater