How Over the Door Heaters Work

Over door heaters and hot air curtains provide the ideal solution for draught exclusion on external doors. Over door heaters, have several functions. When mounted on the inside of an external door, these units create a ‘hot air curtain’ to prevent cold draughts entering a building. 

Air curtains are a way to provide heating in a compact and space saving way. Air curtains provide a downward flow of warm air above doorways to reduce the loss of heating from buildings. They can keep flies and other pests outside. Over door heaters also keep outside and inside air in their respective places. For small shops, over door heaters can give off and maintain enough heat for the shops. Thus, over door heaters can help save additional heating costs.  A manufacturer’s warranty comes with each product shown in this air curtains range. Order online or call our sales team if you have any questions on our air curtains.

In summer, they can be switched to run only with the fan to form a barrier against incoming dust and provide a refreshing breeze. Suitable for a range of doorway applications in commercial premises such as shops, offices, workshops and stores, they are designed for fast installation with two key hole-slot brackets providing complete flexibility of adjustment from vertical to horizontal. Easily accessible switches allow the option to run the unit on fan only.

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