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Convector Heaters

At Heaters UK, we always bring you the best value and products available.  Out convector heaters have become very popular over recent years due to their high efficiency and portability.  Convector heaters are a cost effective solution for heating any room or conservatory. Our range of convector electric panel heaters are easy to install and cheap to run due to their energy efficiency. In addition they are maintenance free. Convector electric panel heaters are available with or without timers and virtually all are thermostatically controlled allowing you to set and control the room temperature.

Our convector heaters all come with a manufacturer’s warranty and most convector heaters are next day delivery call our free phone number at 0845 363 7149 or order online via our online catalog.
Convector heaters provide an immediate and highly controllable method of heating areas such as bedrooms, offices, lofts, garages and any other room around the home. Our range includes convector heaters with timers and turbo fans that can be wall-mounted or free-standing. A convection heater referred to as a forced air heater, sucks the air from a room, heats it in a central chamber, such as a furnace, and blows the heater air back into the room. In simplest terms, convector heaters are merely heat exchangers like those used in cooling applications that are simply operating in reverse. Convector heaters use a heat source within its housing to heat the air around the unit, and thus, create convection current. This air current circulates the warm air throughout the area around the convector heater, until it is turned off, or the ambient temperature matches that of the convector heater's heating element.

Convection systems heat a room much faster. If a house is already equipped with a system of ducts, a convection system will be by far the quickest option. Using a ducts system will keep rooms in the house heated more uniformly than individuals with personal space heaters. Individual convection heaters don't have this advantage, but again will circulate the warmed air more quickly.
At Heaters UK, we always bring you the best value and products available. Our Convector heaters have become very popular over recent years due to their high efficiency and portability. Our convector heaters also come with a manufacturer’s warranty and with free delivery.  But with so many different types of heaters, it can be a daunting experience if you shop by yourself. With the help of our specialist, we can help you get your hands on the right heater for you. Our prices include VAT and delivery charges.  So come shop online with us for the best selection in convector heaters around!
  • Kroll, Mobile electric heaters
  • Kroll, Mobile electric heaters

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